Apple is considering releasing a rugged version of the smartwatch for extreme sports. This was reported by the authoritative publication Bloomberg, citing a source familiar with Apple’s plans, but who wished to remain anonymous.

Apple will release a protected Apple Watch for extreme sports
Apple Series 5 in case

According to the source, the company is discussing the release of Apple Watch in a rugged case at the end of 2021 or in 2022. The device will target athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who uses the device in harsher environments than usual.

This Apple Watch will offer the basic functionality of a regular Apple Watch, but the design will be more rugged, including a rubberized case. It also notes that Apple is planning a new feature for tracking swimming in the watch.

Bloomberg notes that Apple has already thought about releasing a rugged watch once – immediately after the release of the original Apple Watch in 20215. However, these plans were never realized then.

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