According to rumors, this fall Apple will reveal an updated Series 7 smartwatch. They will receive a new design and, what is most interesting and useful, a non-invasive blood glucose meter.

This means that using the built-in sensor, the watch will be able to measure blood sugar levels without taking blood. According to the WHO, more than 422 million people with diabetes mellitus of varying degrees live in the world – for them, “smart” watches will become more relevant than ever.

Colleagues from 9to5Mac have prepared a concept of how the sensor can be used to track power. If he is constantly active, then every meal will be recorded: ate something sweet – get a notification.

Smart notifications can appear, for example, in the morning: if the sugar level is low – here is a list of breakfast foods, high – here is another list.

Also on the watch will appear the application “Glucometer”, in which you can find out the current amount of sugar in the blood. Well, we are waiting for the “Food” application, where the schedule will be drawn up and it will be possible to enter the consumed foods and dishes.

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