An early Apple Watch prototype was shown on the Apple Demo YouTube channel. It is difficult to say in what year this prototype was created, but, according to the description, it received a pre-release version of the pre-watchOS 1.0 firmware. However, the most interesting here is the appearance of the device:

It’s not even some kind of watch, but a completely swollen iPod Nano – Apple would make the device a little thinner than this prototype. It could well pass for a player. Also, there is no Digital Crown.

The Springboard zoom app, part of Lisa Tester, demonstrates how the interface works. Source: Apple Demo

This case is common for prototypes. Usually, they do this so that it is impossible to find out what kind of device it is. You can draw an analogy with camouflage film: it is glued to cars that undergo city tests. In this way, Apple protected itself from device design theft.

One of the apps installed on this Apple Watch is Lisa Tester. Its icon depicts Lisa Simpson. It is required for the watch test and is a reference to the Apple Lisa computer and Steve Jobs’s daughter:

Another interesting point: how did this Apple Watch prototype survive to this day? The thing is, the company usually destroys all prototypes, but this somehow managed to survive. Also, it demonstrates excellent interface speed and looks like a finished product.

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