AR Content, owned by Alexander Rodnyansky, and Apple signed a multi-year cooperation contract. As part of its AR Content will be filming content for Apple TV +. It is reported by Variety

More precisely, Apple will have the right at first glance – it is to her that Rodnyansky’s company will present its future projects in the first place. AR Content will be able to go to other distributors only in case of refusal. If Apple gives the go-ahead, TV shows or films will be released on its streaming platform.

Despite the fact that AR Content is based in Los Angeles, Apple is interested in projects with Russian roots. At least, Alexander Rodnyansky said in a comment to Variety that Apple is interested in his experience in Russia.

But this does not mean that AR Content will make Russian-language content. The signed agreement implies the release of both Russian-language and multilingual shows. The location is also not limited to one country.

For Apple TV +, future AR Content projects will not be “overseas exclusive.” For example, the service already has two excellent series filmed outside the United States by studios from other countries. These are the Israeli spy thriller “Tehran” and the English comedy “Not on the First Try.”

Rodnyansky stressed that Apple TV + was the first streaming service to place such a strong emphasis on content with Russian roots. Before that, the projects filmed in our country for our viewers, although they appeared on streaming services, but after their release. For example, Silver Skates and Major Thunder, which performed well on Netflix, have nothing to do with this streaming service. Actually, this illustrates the increased interest in films and TV series filmed in Russia.

Alexander Rodnyansky is known as the producer of the films “Leviathan”, “Dislike”, “Elena” and “Dylda” – all of them were awarded at many festivals, and were also warmly received by critics. Recently, two companies of Rodnyansky AR Content and Non-Stop Production signed a contract with “KinoPoisk HD”. According to him, both companies will shoot seven TV series for the streaming service.

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