Apple may order GaN chargers for its devices this year from Navitas Semiconductor. This company develops and manufactures gallium nitride power supplies. TSMC will supply the necessary circuits for Navitas Semiconductor. Reported by the Taiwanese edition DigiTimes.

The main feature of power supplies made on gallium nitride is the size of the blocks themselves. Such charges are much smaller than those we are used to. For example, here is a comparison of the size of the Anker power supply with a complete unit from a MacBook of comparable power:

Apparently, we are talking about power supplies for MacBooks. Two facts evidence this:

  • Since last year, the company has not been shipping iPhones with a power supply. You need to buy it separately or use old chargers;
  • Powerboards of modern iPhones do not support charging with a power higher than 22 W.

GaN power supplies are likely to be shipped with the devices. Their power, according to sources, will range from 65 to 100 watts. Although, in theory, less power is possible. For example, together with Xiaomi Mi 11, buyers are offered a 55-watt gallium nitride power supply:

However, the media rumor does not indicate that it will be Apple who will order from Navitas Semiconductor this year. The fact is that DigiTimes often publishes false rumors. Although ordering GaN blocks is no big deal. The publication does not say exactly when the devices will appear along with the new power supplies. I’m betting on a MacBook that Apple will release in a “radically new design” (whatever that means):

This MacBook, of course, will be on its own system-on-a-chip, built on the ARM architecture. Its release is expected in the second half of 2021. I suppose the presence of the new MacBook should be expected in October – November.

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