The new generation of the iPad Pro lineup will be released in the second half of April. Reported by Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu of Bloomberg with reference to our own sources within the company.

There may be a shortage of supplies: Apple, like other companies, faced a crisis in the market. Because of this, the supply of miniLED displays is difficult, as manufacturers are short of components. One of the manufacturers suspended production altogether some time ago. Who exactly it was is not specified, but Apple does not have many suppliers of miniLED displays: Ennostar Inc., General Interface Solution Holding Ltd. and Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.

The new display will receive only the older model with a diagonal of 12.9 inches, while the younger one will still be available with an IPS display and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The differences between miniLED and regular IPS are in the zoned backlighting of the matrix.

It is assumed that both tablets will receive the new system-on-chip Apple A14X. But it will be closer not to the “stone” that is in the iPhones, but to the Apple M1. The system-on-a-chip will be slightly weaker than the newer Macs, but significantly more powerful than the iPhones. The new iPad Pro will have improved cameras, as well as a Thunderbolt port combined with USB Type-C, which will allow you to connect more advanced adapters to the tablet.

The exact date of the presentation of the tablets is still unknown. I guess the tablets will show either April 20 or April 27. These are Tuesdays, and Apple traditionally presents products these days.

It is also not yet known whether it will be an event or a press release. Apparently, apart from iPads, Apple has nothing to show at a full-fledged event: chips from two tablets will not be enough, new poppies, iPhones and watches will be presented only in the second half of the year. What remains is the new Apple TV set-top box, as well as AirTag. The tags, according to rumors, have once again been moved: the gadget, which will be positioned for travel, looks rather stupid in a world without travel. But what is happening with Apple TV is still unknown.

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