Apple is working on a groundbreaking new set-top box, the Apple TV, according to a Bloomberg report. It will gain the functionality of a smart speaker and even get a built-in webcam for video calls!

Apple to cross Apple TV and HomePod smart speaker
This is what a regular Apple TV looks like, but the new version of the set-top box with extended functionality will look different.

The company reportedly brought together the Apple TV and HomePod development teams last year to create a hybrid product. Thanks to the speakers borrowed from the HomePod, the set-top box will be able to independently play music, the built-in microphones will ensure the functionality of the Siri voice assistant, and the integrated webcam will allow video conferencing or just chat with friends or relatives via video.

At the moment, such an Apple TV is at an early stage of development; it will turn into a serial product at best in 2022. And this year, an improved version of the current Apple TV will be released – with a new remote control, more memory and a faster processor.

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