Apple may leave the UK market if the situation with the next litigation does not change for the better for the manufacturer.

Apple Threatens to Exit UK Market Altogether Due to Patent Troll Litigation

The bottom line is that the British company OPtis Cellular Technology has once again sued Apple for patent infringement, and the court sided with the plaintiff. As a result, the Cupertino giant is now facing a $ 7 billion fine. This appears to be the largest fine of its kind on the market.

Apple’s lawyers said that this could lead to the company’s withdrawal from the UK market.

Apple’s position is that it really should be able to reflect on the terms and decide whether it is commercially correct to accept them or leave the UK market. Courts may just be commercially unacceptable

Complicating the problem is that OPtis Cellular Technology is effectively a patent troll. That is, the company simply buys up various patents in order to then be able to make money on them. Apple had already lost a court case to Optis Wireless Technology (a subsidiary of OPtis Cellular Technology) last year and was required to pay it more than $ 500 million.

It is unclear how real Apple’s threats are, but $ 7 billion for this kind of litigation is a lot.

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