There is one point about the new AirPods Max that raises a lot of questions. This is the headphone power-saving mode. The fact is that the “Max” does not have a power button and cannot be turned off. Simultaneously, there is a strange-looking Smart Case, which takes the headphones into sleep mode.

Now Apple has updated on its official website the page dedicated to headphone power. And the situation cleared up.

According to the company, the headphones have three modes of operation:

  • Included;
  • Low power consumption mode;
  • Ultra low power mode.

The headphones can switch to each of these modes with or without a Smart Case.

With case

As soon as you place the earbuds in the Smart Case and leave them stationary, AirPods Max goes into low power mode. Here, apparently, the accelerometer is involved. If this is the case, headphones simply won’t fall asleep in a car or a backpack.

After 18 hours of being in the case, the headphones turn on the ultra-low-power mode – in this case, Bluetooth and the Find Me function is turned off. And here I don’t understand: can the headphones you constantly use and carry in your backpack go into this mode?

Without case

Everything is the same here, but the time is different. The earbuds only go into low power mode when you leave the earbuds idle for five minutes.

Headphones without Smart Case go into ultra-low-power mode after 72 hours. In this situation, Apple also does not clarify whether the transition to this mode is affected by the fact that you carry the AirPods Max in a backpack.

Therefore, despite rumors, the headphones can switch to ultra-low-power mode.

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