The publication 9to5Mac has shared information that Apple has begun to reject developers’ applications to publish applications in the App Store that do not comply with the new privacy rules.

At the iOS 14 presentation, Apple put a lot of emphasis on data security and privacy. We announced tracking notifications on websites and apps, but the feature was delayed due to developer frustration.

In iOS 14.5, all-new features to protect user data should be fully operational. Already, the App Store has “privacy labels” in which the developer specifies what kind of data the application will collect.

iOS 14.5 Will Pass Safari Traffic Through Apple Servers

It has been learned that third-party data collection SDKs are no longer compliant with Apple guidelines. And if a developer starts to cheat and provides workarounds for collecting data, such an application will not appear in the App Store.

How will this affect advertising?

Tracking & Data Collection Notification – PPC Advertising Blow. Of course, most users will quickly click “yes” and not even read what the application needs there, but many will also think about whether it is worth sharing their personal data with Facebook.

According to research, more than half of users will not allow applications to track their activity, and some are even willing to pay for it.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly denounced Apple’s new rules. But the antitrust authorities do not believe that Apple is abusing its position and does not impose anything on anyone.

As a result, small companies and novice developers will have to adapt to the game’s new rules, change their strategy, and not rely on contextual advertising. At least on Apple devices.

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