Apple is developing a foldable iPhone. MacRumors report it concerning the report of the research company Omdia. The smartphone will receive an OLED screen with a final diagonal of 7.3-7.6 inches, which will work together with the Apple Pencil.

This format will be close to the iPad mini. But only a folding iPhone is unlikely to replace it – most likely, the difference in these two devices’ cost will be too large.

Not much is known about the smartphone yet. Earlier it was reported that Foxconn successfully tested the hinge mechanism developed by Apple. The display, apparently, Apple will buy from Samsung, about what reported famous insider Ice Universe.

But here it is worth adding a spoonful of scepticism: different insiders share very different information. For example, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg a month ago said that Apple is indeed developing a foldable iPhone, but it is at an early stage and has not gone further than testing the display. Ultimately, the company may refuse to release such a smartphone altogether or release it after several years of development.

In contrast, the Taiwanese edition of Economic Daily News reports that the device has already been tested internally. One of the samples is similar in format to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. But you shouldn’t expect it before the end of 2022.

Therefore, at the moment, it isn’t easy to talk about the future of such an iPhone. Of course, it is interesting to hold this device in your hands, but whether it will be possible to do this in a couple of years, only time will tell.

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