Apple plans to release iPhone 13 mini despite poor 12 mini sales

According to John Prosser, despite low demand for the iPhone 12 mini, Apple will release a sequel to the market’s smallest flagship. The iPhone 12s mini / 13 mini, whatever it is called, is due out this fall.

Last week it became known that Apple will stop production of the iPhone 12 mini in the second quarter of this year, as sales continue to fall: only 5% of the iPhone 12 mini of the entire iPhone 12 line was sold in January.

Maybe so: in the spring, Apple will release the iPhone SE Plus in the iPhone 11 design, and the regular iPhone SE will disappear from the market so as not to compete with the mini-version. In fact, there will be no competitor for the new “mini” in the iPhone line. Users who prefer compact smartphones will not choose.

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