Apple patented titanium cases with unusual texture

A few months ago, Apple patented a special anodized layer that absorbs light. It can be used in laptops, smartphones and other gadgets. Simply put, there will be black MacBooks.

Today, another interesting application appeared on the US Patent Office website: Apple may switch to redesigned titanium cases with a unique texture.

As stated in the filing, the anodized aluminium used in the current MacBook lineup isn’t strong enough. But there is a problem: titanium is difficult to work with, and the final product is “aesthetically unattractive”. And Apple has figured out how to solve this problem: using etching and a chemical process, titanium can be given an attractive appearance.

Image from a patent application. Source: Patently Apple

The patent also notes that the titanium case is suitable for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. I would like to believe that we will see devices with new body material shortly.

Apple already had devices in titanium cases: the Apple Watch Edition and the PowerBook G4, which was released from 2001 to 2003.

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