Apple Made It Easier To Repair MacBook

Apple Computers Join iPhones in the Independent Repair Provider Program

Apple has expanded the Independent Repair Provider Program to its computers, including MacBook laptops. This was reported by the authoritative edition of Reuters.

Apple made it easier to repair MacBook

Through the program, third-party service centers and repair shops get access to original parts and tools for repairing Apple equipment. It was originally launched in the US last year and only extended to iPhones. 

As a result, small workshops received the same parts, tools, training materials, instructions for repair and diagnostics as branded Apple Stores and Apple-certified service centers. You can join the program for free and you do not need to go through the certification process from Apple, like from authorized service centers.

Apple announced last month that it was expanding the program to include Canada and Europe. An Apple computer that gets into the program will make it easier to have it repaired by a third-party workshop. 

Source: MacRumors

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