This week, according to rumours, Apple will hold a press conference, the new flagship iPad Pro tablet protagonist. However, it has now become known that Apple is short of mini-LED displays used in the new iPad Pro.

According to people familiar with the matter, the mini-LED display maker faces challenges that could lead to an iPad Pro shortage at launch. Before that, the supply chain reported that some MacBook and iPad models’ production was delayed due to a shortage of parts worldwide.

Now, Apple is expected to release a Wi-Fi-only version of the 2021 iPad Pro first, with a 5G model going on sale in a few weeks. Earlier, it was rumoured that Apple would release the 2021 iPad Pro alongside iOS 14.5.

It is also rumoured that Apple uses mini-LED screens on the top 12.9-inch iPad Pro model, while the 11-inch version will get the old screen.

The new iPad Pro has problems even before the announcement: Apple is experiencing a shortage of mini-LED displays

The new iPad Pro tablets will feature the latest Apple A14X SoC, which will match the Apple M1 mobile platform’s performance, which debuted late last year in the new MacBook and Mac mini. The tablets will get a triple main camera, as well as a Thunderbolt connector that will allow you to connect monitors, external drives and other peripherals while being much faster in speed than USB-C.

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