The American company Apple is famous not only for the legendary design and the highest quality of its products, but also for its exorbitant appetite when it comes to the price of its devices. Here’s another confirmation of this: “Yabloko” officially presented a new external battery MagSafe for the latest generation of their smartphones.

The capacity of the device is ridiculous by the standards of the 1460 mAh class, and at the same time the price of a miniature power bank is extremely ridiculous 9,490 rubles. For comparison, the popular external battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 with a capacity of almost seven times more can now be found even for less than 1000 rubles! Is the ability to attach a powerbank to the back of a smartphone really worth 8,490 rubles overpayment!?!

The MagSafe battery charges 5W wirelessly and 15W when connected to a power adapter. However, the manufacturer itself recommends using a 20W or higher USB-C power adapter and a USB ‑ C to Lightning cable, which, of course, is sold separately. The date of the start of sales of new items will be announced later. And yesterday, the old smartphones Huawei and Honor, which will be able to receive HarmonyOS, were named.

Source: Apple

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