The global market for refurbished smartphones in the second half of 2020 showed growth in most regions. This growth more than compensated for the decline in the first half of 2020, so that the overall year-over-year growth was 4% compared to 2019. Such data are cited by analysts Counterpoint, expecting that this year the growth will be greater.

Apple is king of the refurbished smartphone market

Market growth slowed sharply in the first half of 2020, mainly due to COVID-19, however, in the second half of the year, demand and supply in the market for refurbished smartphones increased. When markets opened, sales in all regions increased over the same period in 2019.

Analysts point out that Apple products are in strong demand in the refurbished smartphone market. In the second half of last year, Apple’s share in the global market for new smartphones was just over 13%, while in the secondary market it was over 44%. In addition, the average selling price of Apple smartphones in this market is almost three times higher than the average of competitors. This is helping Apple grow its user base, analysts said, as many buyers of used and remanufactured devices are buying iPhones for the first time.

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