The macOS 12 Monterey, presented recently, is known to be available for Mac PCs starting with some 2013 models. However, as it turned out, the new system is fraught with a catch.

Apple is hitting millions of Mac owners.  Several new features in macOS Monterey are not available on Intel-based systems

The fact is that some of the new functions that have appeared in Monterey are available only for the latest computers of the Cupertino giant based on Apple Silicon, that is, now only on SoC M1. Apple itself did not hide this, but did not advertise it either. The information can be found on the official website, but it is hidden in the footnotes in small print.

So, we are talking about the following functions:

  • Portrait Mode in FaceTime;
  • Live Text in Apple Photos;
  • 3D effects and landmarks in Apple Maps;
  • Interactive Globe on Apple Maps;
  • Text-to-speech in third-party languages ​​(including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish).

This is not to say that their absence is critical for Macs with Intel processors, but you still need to know this. At the same time, there is information that the new functions are not available on systems with Intel CPUs due to the lack of a neural unit in such processors, which is partially involved in all of these new functions.

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