According to rumors, the spring press conference with a mass of new products, which included the AirPods 3 wireless earbuds, was due to take place in March. But March is over, AirPods 3 are still not officially presented. However, this did not stop the Chinese from releasing a very similar analogue.

One user was able to spot a fake very similar to the AirPods 3 – as this model has been shown in numerous leaks. Surely the same, or very similar, will look like the official AirPods 3.

Apple is hesitating to announce AirPods 3, and in China, these headphones have already been copied and launched on sale
This is what the original AirPods 3 are supposed to look like

Alas, it is not yet clear which local manufacturer copied the unreleased AirPods 3, and how much they are selling for. But such a noname product will obviously be more accessible than the original.

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