Brazilian Mariana Morales Oliveira (Mariana Morales Oliveira) obtained through the court the right to obtain from Apple a charger for her iPhone 12.

This is the first recorded case of Apple losing a lawsuit in the state of São Paulo for this reason. This is also a precedent for all iPhone 12 buyers who are unhappy with the lack of a charger included with the iPhone.

Mariana’s lawyer Rafael Quaresma explains that Apple has opted for a “linked sales” policy. The user buys a smartphone and, since there is no charger included with it, he must buy it in addition. The lawyer rightly noted that Apple’s environmental claims are very relative, as the company has not stopped producing and selling chargers. It’s just that now she sells them separately from smartphones for an additional fee.

Apple is finally put in place.  The court forces the company to supply the charger to the iPhone 12 buyer for free

We raised the issue of environmental protection and the judge agreed with us. It’s pointless. Apple claims that only the included charger pollutes the environment, and the separately sold charger does not.

Raphael Quaresma

The judge ruled that Apple must supply the free charger within 10 days. If the company delays delivery, it will pay $ 38 each day (up to $ 950 maximum).

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