iPhone 12 users encounter this problem quite often when they are traveling or just driving.

The iPhone 12 line of smartphones went on sale a few weeks ago, the first Apple phones to support fifth-generation networks. At the same time, users began to report new issues due to which the new iPhone 12 smartphones unexpectedly lose 5G and LTE networks.

As reported by 9To5Mac, iPhone 12 users often encounter this problem when they are traveling or just driving. It is unclear how common the question is, but several hundred posts have already been posted on online forums. There is an assumption that the iPhone 12 does not correctly process the signal when switching between cell towers. Simultaneously, in the same conditions, the problem does not appear on the iPhone 11 Pro and other smartphones of the company.

Verizon and AT&T users suffer the most from this problem, the source said, but the problem also extends to T-Mobile users. Owners of the iPhone 12, faced with the question, leave messages on Reddit, the official Apple forum, and other resources, but Apple has not responded to the situation.

Hopefully, Apple will comment on the issue as soon as the number of people facing the problem increases.

Source: 9to5mac

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