Apple Watch has taken the lead in the wearable device market thanks to its broad functionality and beautiful design. However, their serious drawback is the short battery life, which does not exceed 18 hours. According to the latest patent, Apple is looking for a solution to this problem. The company plans to build additional batteries in smartwatch straps.

According to the patent, the strap will have an inner frame with slots for batteries. An important advantage is the ability to replace failed easily or worn-out batteries. The strap with built-in batteries will be connected to the watch using the contacts located at the connection points with the device. For charging, induction coils wound around one of the batteries will be used. The patent describes a rubber strap, but Apple believes that the same concept could be used on a metal bracelet with proper insulation.

Since this is only a patent at the moment, there is no guarantee that such a strap will be released to the market as a final product. Nevertheless, it would definitely gain popularity among Apple Watch users.

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