Apple has finally released the highly anticipated MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone 12.

And immediately to the disadvantages: the battery capacity is 1460 mAh, that is, it will not be enough for a full charge of the iPhone 12 mini, let alone iPhones with a larger battery. It seems to me that Apple just wanted to make the battery thin and easy to use.

The second minus is power. The battery will charge your iPhone with 5W of power. Want more? Connect your iPhone to a 20W or higher power adapter to get the “correct” 15W (but only with iPhone 12 series smartphones).

If you choose an adapter more powerful than 27 W, you can charge both the battery and the smartphone at the same time.

The battery can be used as a wireless charger with a maximum power of 15W, but only when connected to the power adapter.

Whether the battery will work without power with AirPods Pro, for example, is unknown.

And the sweetest thing is the price. In Russia, Apple will have to pay for an external battery 9490 rubles… Please note that there is no power adapter included. If there is no such thing on the farm, then you will have to give more 1990 rubles… What do you think?

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