Apple has postponed the launch of a paid podcast subscription service. Apple has begun to warn podcast authors about this in emails.

Apple has postponed the launch of a new paid service.  Podcast Subscriptions Coming In June

Apple is advising in its emails to move the release date of podcast and channel subscriptions to June to provide a “better experience for creators and listeners.” It looks like Apple is fixing the flaws behind the scenes with might and main, but does not specify what else needs to be fixed.

The tech giant announced it will add paid subscriptions to its Podcasts app back in April 2021 so that creators can get paid for content from listeners. Creators will be able to set their own prices and decide what privileges paid subscribers get, such as ad-free listening and exclusive releases.

In addition, Apple plans to release a “feeds” feature that will recommend “groups of programs handpicked by authors with unique titles, descriptions, and images.” Apple, as always, will receive 30% of each subscription for the first year, and after the first year, this percentage will drop to 15%.

Note that a few days ago Apple already released iOS 14.6 with support for paid podcast subscriptions.

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