Apple will have to put the power adapter with iPhone models in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. Despite the fact that around the world in the iPhone 12 adapter is not included.

Procon-SP, São Paulo’s government consumer protection agency, has decided to require Apple to provide a charger with iPhone 12 models to customers who request them, the agency said in a press release on Wednesday.

Apple forced to add charger to iPhone in Sao Paulo

Earlier in 2020, Procon-SP asked Apple why it no longer ships charging accessories with its new iPhones. Apple’s response that most consumers already have chargers and removing them would lower their carbon emissions did not satisfy the consumer protection agency.

In its release on Wednesday, Procon-SP added that the charger is an “integral part” of using an iPhone or other product. Not packing the charger with Apple devices violates the Brazilian Consumer Code.

Apple forced to add charger to iPhone in Sao Paulo

In addition, the agency said Apple had not sufficiently demonstrated the environmental benefits gained from removing the charger and did not make clear in its promotional materials that the charger was not included with the iPhone 12.

Although the decision only concerns the state of São Paulo, Brazil’s secretary of state for consumer affairs is reportedly mulling similar moves at the federal level.

The situation is similar to the situation in France, where Apple is legally forced to include EarPods in its iPhone models. Since Apple has reduced the size of its iPhone packaging, it has to make a different box for the version with EarPods. It is likely that similar packaging will be used in Sao Paulo and possibly elsewhere in Brazil.

Apple forced to add charger to iPhone in Sao Paulo

Apple announced that it would stop packaging EarPods for a long time, and the chargers were only announced in October, citing environmental benefits and the fact that there are now two billion Apple power adapters on sale.



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