The Italian antimonopoly authority imposed a fine of 10 million euros ($ 12 million ). The reason for the fine is “aggressive and misleading” advertising for iPhone smartphones.

The regulator explained its claims against the company. A fine was imposed for Apple positioning several iPhone models as waterproof. But the company did not clarify that water protection is only effective under certain circumstances.

Apple fined € 10 million for false advertising of iPhone

And with all this, Apple did not want to repair under warranty smartphones that broke due to water or other liquids getting into them. The company itself declined to comment on a statement by Italy’s anti-monopoly service.

Although the fine is impressive, it is not the largest penalty in Apple’s history. Another scandal erupted in 2017, when the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE complained about the slow performance of smartphones after the iOS update.

Then, in turn, the manufacturer acknowledged the existence of a decelerating function in the updated software. Lawsuits and fines followed this. By the way, Apple still pays compensation for this.


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