Apple develops augmented reality glasses that look like regular glasses. Apparently, we are waiting for the normal continuation of the closed Intel Vaunt project:

Dieter Bon from The Verge wearing the Intel Vaunt AR glasses prototype. Source: The Verge

There was a problem with Apple’s glasses: they were behind the testing schedule. It is reported by MacRumors citing a recent production schedule report.

According to early data, the second prototype of the glasses was supposed to begin testing in the first quarter of 2021. However, this has not yet happened. According to DigiTimes’ January report, the glasses were supposed to go into mass production in the first quarter of next year. But with the current delays, such an option is unlikely.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

This is where the difficulties begin. The first is DigiTimes’ reputation. Very often the agency issues really reliable information, but mistakes do happen. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman looks like a more reliable source. According to him, in 2022 Apple will release only a VR headset. And it will be more than a year ahead of AR glasses. I wrote about this earlier:

It is not yet clear what exactly MacRumors is writing about: AR glasses should definitely not come out in 2022.

What’s the difference between VR and AR?

The differences are quite simple: VR (Virtual Reality – “virtual reality”) is a re-created world, rendered without regard to the space outside the headset.

AR (Augmented Reality), or “augmented reality”, as it were, inserts drawn digital objects into existing reality.

The differences also lie in headsets: VR must have a closed helmet, and AR must have an exclusively open design so that the user can see the world around him.

There is also MR (Mixed Reality), where cameras and various sensors are built into the virtual reality headset to detect external real objects. According to sources, Apple will release just such a headset next year. It will look something like this:

What and when will Apple show?

According to Mark Gourmet, Apple announces this headset in late 2021 or early next year. In this case, the presentation of the device must take place at an offline event. Many perceived the information as inside, but the text is similar to the opinion of a person living in the industry. This approach looks very logical: it is foolish to release a product for which there is no content. Such a headset, like the conventional Magic Leap, will go into vacuum and will remain there:

Besides content, convenience is very important. Most likely, Apple has resolved this issue. At the very least, concepts like this, based on Figure The Information, look handy:

The question of price also remains: the cost of most products in this category does not exceed $ 500, but how much will Apple ask for its device?

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