With the iPhone 12 series launch, Apple decided to shrink the box by removing the power adapter and headphones. But not all countries appreciated the company’s concern for the environment. For example, local laws in France require Apple to ship an iPhone along with a wired EarPods. Something similar can happen in Brazil, but about the power adapter.

The decision of the state of São Paulo was reported by the local newspaper Folha de São Paulo, and then confirmed by the state consumer protection agency Procon-SP. In October, Procon-SP asked Apple for clarification on removing the power adapter from the iPhone box. The government agency asked the company to prove that eliminating the iPhone charger would not harm consumers and substantiate the real environmental benefits.

Apple said most users already have a compatible charger and that the solution will reduce carbon emissions by reducing excess production and reducing transportation. But the Brazilian agency considered these arguments unconvincing, as the power adapter is a critical component for using the product. There is no guarantee that Apple will offer the same technical support to consumers who have purchased third-party chargers.

Procon-SP has ruled that selling an iPhone without a compatible power adapter is against the Brazilian Consumer Code. Apple must respond to this statement by tomorrow, or the company will be fined.


While the decision is only valid for the state of São Paulo, Brazil’s Minister of Consumer Affairs shares this position and is considering getting Apple to sell the iPhone with a power adapter nationwide. The emergence of such a precedent could lead to a similar reaction in other countries.

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