Apple Extends Free MacBook Repair Program with Uneven Backlighting

Owners of the 2016-2018 MacBook Pro faced the problem of a frayed display cable: it is too short and becomes unusable due to a lot of tension, which causes the backlight to become uneven, and for some users, the displays stop working altogether.

As it became known later, Apple knew about the problem and deliberately installed a short cable. All for the sake of reducing the thickness of the MacBook lid.

Disgruntled laptop owners even sued Apple, and the company launched a free replacement program. Since yesterday, it has been extended for a year; that is, you can apply for repairs until May 21, 2022.

Who can ask for help?

MacBook Pro owners with a 13-inch display sold between October 2016 and February 2018 can count on repairs. The program is distributed in versions with two and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Have you solved the problem?

In laptops of 2019 and newer, cables are installed several millimeters longer. There are fewer complaints, but just the other day, I ran into such a problem on a 2019 MacBook Pro 16.

I open the laptop, and it “cartoons” shows and displays the picture only at a certain angle. Interestingly, there is no free replacement program for new models, that is, I have to repair the computer at my own expense.

Photo: Konstantin Baranov / Wylsacom Media

And the funny thing is that the warranty ended a month ago. It was lucky that the laptop was purchased in Russia, and there is a second year of warranty under the law. I am now in Belarus, there is no way to transfer the MacBook to the service, but I need to work. Therefore, I passed it through the Trade-In program and bought a MacBook Pro 13 on M1. Sad story, dear, but nothing to be done.

What to do?

There is no solution. None at all. It is unknown whether the cable in your laptop will be frayed or not, which is a matter of chance. The only thing I can advise is not to open the lid all the way.

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