Apple has ordered all of its suppliers significantly more components for the future line of iPhones than a year earlier. It is assumed that by the end of the year there will be about 90 million iPhone 13s of all versions and sizes. This is reported by Debbie Wu and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

This number of iPhones produced is unprecedented for Apple. In recent years, the company has maintained its value in the region of 75 million devices of new lines until the end of the year. Apple expects an increase in demand due to the receding pandemic: more people are working and are able to purchase new iPhones.

The iPhone 13 lineup is expected to have four smartphone sizes identical to the iPhone 12. The names will be roughly the same. The new generation will update several hardware parts of smartphones: camera, display and system-on-a-chip.

iPhone 13 and 13 mini will receive a new camera block design. Source: Weibo

Bloomberg reports on the improvement of the module responsible for the optical zoom – it is only in the “Pros”. Earlier, the authoritative insider Min-Chi Kuo announced the improvement of the quality of the ultra-wide-angle camera of future iPhones. In particular, this module will receive autofocus and a new lens system:

System-on-a-chip Apple A15 Bionic (tentative name) will be built on the same six CPU cores, but will also receive unnamed improvements.

At least one of the four models, according to Mr. Gourmet and Ms. Wu, will receive an LTPO (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display. This technology will allow you to change the refresh rate of the screen depending on the content and other scenarios of using the iPhone. Similar displays are used in Apple Watch since Series 5. There, such screens allow you to display the time using Always-On Display technology, when the screen on the watch is always on.

Also, the “monobrow” will be reduced, which, according to various insiders, will no longer be in the iPhone 14.

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple has tested the Touch ID sensor built into the screen, but it will not appear on the iPhone 13.

In addition to the new iPhone 13 line, Apple this year will introduce a new Apple Watch, at least two new iPads (base and sixth generation iPad mini), and two MacBook Pros. Production of the latter was delayed at the last moment for the third quarter due to problems with miniLED displays. It is because of this problem that the iPad Pro on the M1 with this type of display came out in only one size and only a month after the presentation.

The presentation of new iPhones is expected in September, presumably on the 14th.

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