According to research agency Canalys, Apple is once again leading the audio device market. AirPods are selling even better than a year earlier.

In 2020, 108.9 million Apple headphones were sold (including Beats headphones). This is 25.2% of the total wireless headphone market. For comparison, 84 million devices were sold in 2019 and the market share was 23.4%.

The closest competitors have the following: Samsung in 2020 sold 38.3 million devices (8.9% of the market), Xiaomi – 25.4 million devices (5.9% of the market), Sony – 15.1 million devices (3.5% market).

If we take only the fourth quarter of 2020, then Apple also occupies the first line with 37.3 million devices. Then Samsung with 11.4 million, Xiaomi with 8 million and Sony with 4.9 million units sold.

As for wearable electronics, that is, “smart” watches and smart bracelets, in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple is in the lead with 14.5 million gadgets sold (25% of the market). Xiaomi is in second place with 8.7 million, and Huawei is in third with 6.7 million. Fitbit is in fourth place with 5.5 million.

If we take annual indicators, then Xiaomi is in first place with 37.7 million devices sold and a market share of 20.3%. Apple is in second place with 35.2 million and a market share of 19%. In monetary terms, of course, Apple is in a wide margin.

Please note that the figures are estimates as Apple does not provide detailed reports on AirPods, Beats, and Apple Watch sales.

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