Early adopters have already tested the long-awaited Apple AirTags, which make it easier for users to track their valuables and objects. Of course, users have already tested how Apple AirTag baggage tracking works at the airport.

In short, yes, you can try Apple AirTags for baggage tracking. However, tracking will not work when your suitcase is on a moving conveyor belt.

This is because AirTag tracking is not designed for objects that are moving, unless it is at the most leisurely pace. However, the conveyor belt at the airport is moving fast, so AirTag is unable to transmit the signal to the iPhone properly.

Apple AirTag is not suitable for tracking suitcases at the airport

If you’re concerned about the use of airline-banned lithium-ion batteries, don’t worry with the Apple AirTag, as this rule does not apply to the tiny disposable CR2023 lithium cells.

The source adds that AirTag can be useful for luggage if your bag stops unexpectedly or has been directed to, for example, an oversized luggage storage room.

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