Unlike Tile or other trackers, Apple’s new AirTag has no mounting holes. This forces users to buy AirTag accessories, which in addition protect the device from scratches. By the way, some AirTag cases cost more than the iPhone 12.

MacRumors forum member smythey has proven that you can easily drill a hole in an AirTag without damaging it. In this case, you can insert a chain or ring into the hole, and then attach the AirTag to a keychain, your pet’s collar, and so on.

Apple AirTag can be drilled through so you don't have to buy an expensive case

The result does not look very attractive, but the author of this know-how claims that the drilled AirTag does its job well. The AirTag disassembly posted on YouTube gives you a first look inside Apple’s tracker where the circular PCB is located. There really is room at the edge to make a small hole.

Drilling a hole in the AirTag will void Apple’s warranty and could damage the accessory if you push the hole a little further towards the center.

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