iPhone 12 users have run into trouble charging smartphones using Qi wireless chargers. It is reported that devices for no apparent reason stop charging from wireless chargers. Rebooting only temporarily solves the problem. The problem occurs with different chargers and affects all smartphones in the iPhone 12 series.


After some time, after receiving feedback from many disgruntled users, Apple acknowledged the problem. In an online tech support chat, one of the iPhone 12 users received a response, according to which the company is aware of the problem and is working to fix it. An Apple technical support specialist said this issue would be resolved shortly.


It’s worth noting that this is not the only problem with the company’s new flagship smartphones. Many iPhone 12 users complain about increased battery consumption even in standby mode. Also, the smartphones of many users began to communicate with the cellular network unpredictably. It is assumed that this is due to the switching mechanism between cell towers. Nonetheless, the iPhone 12 was well received by customers, and the 5G market has grown significantly in South Korea.



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