When Google eliminated app update notifications from the Google Play Store, the decision turned out to be controversial and many users did not like it.

It's a fiasco, Google: Google Play app update notifications have broken

It even led to the development of a third-party solution before Google changed its mind and returned the feature as an optional setting, which is disabled by default. However, this functionality has now stopped working on various Android smartphones.

The problem was addressed by Artem Russakovskii, the founder of the well-known thematic resource AndroidPolice. When you try to activate the feature in the settings on your Pixel smartphone, the switch just gets stuck. Rusakovsky cites a video for clarity.

AndroidPolice notes that the switch does not work at all on Pixel smartphones. If you look up the complete list of notification categories for the Google Play Store, it might seem like the switch has worked. However, this only seems to be, since the smartphone does not remember the user’s choice and when returning to the Android settings or to the application’s own settings, the function turns out to be disabled again.

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