The AS722 and AS721 devices comply with MIL-STD-810G 516.6. This means that they ensure complete data safety even when the device falls from a height of up to 1.22 meters.

The drives are based on 3D NAND flash memory microchips. The USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface is used to connect to a computer. The device itself is quite small and looks like a USB flash drive. Dimensions – 12 × 36 × 122 mm, weight – 55–57 g, depending on the modification.

Apacer Introduces Portable SSDs Up to 1TB

Gadgets from the Apacer AS722 series belong to NVMe solutions. New with a 1000 MB / s in read mode and 900 MB / s in write mode. There will be two modifications on sale, with a capacity of 512 GB and 1 TB.

Apacer AS721 uses the SATA interface, but performance is significantly lower. Up to 530 MB / s reading and up to 500 MB / s writing. There are also several modification options: 250, 500 GB, and 1 TB.

The devices can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. Comes with USB 3.2 Type-C to USB 3.2 Type-C and USB 3.2 Type-C to USB 3.2 Type-A cables. Also, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty.



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