Anycall clamshell Galaxy Buds Pro case

I will not stop repeating that wireless headphone cases are not about protection but individuality. Black and white rectangles are bored, and I want something fresh and interesting. The manufacturer adds fabric or leather (this is good), but the most common is matte or glossy plastic.

At the presentation of Galaxy Unpacked 2021, the Buds Pro TWS headphones were presented. Sergey Kuzmin told about them in a full review:

The headphones turned out great, but they can be made even better: Samsung introduced unusual cases in the form of the Anycall clamshell, which came out in the 2000s.

Seriously, both look great. The SGH-E700 and SGH-T100 inspired designers.

Most likely, this case will not reach sales all over the world. I think it can be found on resale sites. The Galaxy Buds Pro case can now be ordered in South Korea until January 31st.

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