Android Auto platform users have encountered a strange crash. For unclear reasons, music playback is paused when opening any app on a smartphone running the Android Auto user interface. The topic resource 9to5Google drew attention to the problem.

Android Auto users have lost their music.  Crash occurs when opening any app on smartphone

Google originally developed Android Auto so that users don’t have to pick up their phones while driving, by bringing the most important functions to the car display. However, Android Auto does not completely block the operation of applications on the device if they are suddenly needed.

In the past couple of months, some users have had an issue that prevents them from playing music. There have been complaints on forums and Google support that opening any application on a smartphone while running Android Auto will pause music playback until the open application is closed.

Complaints mainly came in March and April 2021, but some users claim to have encountered it back in December 2020. The exact reasons are not yet known and Google has not officially commented on the issue.

However, 9to5Google notes that the number of reports of the problem has decreased in recent weeks. This may indicate a fix in the latest updates to the Android Auto app.

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