Google is testing its new Android 12 operating system with might and main. Fresh Android 12 Beta 3 has become available not only for smartphones, but also for the Android TV smart TV platform.

Most exciting Android TV update in years: Android 12 brings 4K to TVs and more

As enthusiasts from the XDA Developers mobile developer community have noted, the fresh beta offers long-awaited features that make Android 12 the most exciting update for the Android TV platform in years.

The most significant innovations are 4K rendering of the user interface and dynamic frame rate switching.

While Android TV has supported 4K content playback for years, Android 12 will be the first platform version to show the UI itself in 4K. Previously, the UI was rendered at a maximum resolution of 1080p and then scaled to fit the TV screen. The home screen interface, settings, and other system elements should now be clearer.

Dynamic Frame Rate Switching offers additional settings that can be used by applications to play content at the optimal frame rate.

Other features have been added to make life easier for developers by optimizing the connection of Android TVs to TVs, as well as new microphone and camera indicators, switches to quickly block microphone and camera use.

Like earlier test versions, Android 12 Beta 3 is available for a special device – Google’s proprietary set-top box ADT-3, intended for developers.

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