Amazon May Have Big Problems: The Store Will Have To Be Responsible For The Quality Of Goods

California Court of Appeals ruled Amazon store could be prosecuted for non-quality goods from other sellers

Amazon is the largest online store in the world. She earns a significant part of her income by lending her marketplace to other sellers.

Late last week, a California appeals court ruled that Amazon could be held liable if items sold in its store prove to be of poor quality – even if another seller sells those items.

Amazon may have big problems: the store will have to be responsible for the quality of goods

The source calls the decision a serious blow to Amazon, as the company has fought off product liability lawsuits over the years. Now it will be more difficult for her to evade responsibility for low-quality and unsafe goods sold on her platform. Numerous claims of this kind are still pending.

In the case before the court, a customer purchased a laptop battery from a third-party vendor, Lenoge Technology HK Ltd., on the Amazon marketplace. During operation, the battery caught fire and caused third-degree burns to the woman.

An Amazon spokesperson commented on the news: “The court’s ruling was erroneous and contrary to an established law in California and across the country that service providers are not responsible for third-party products they do not manufacture or sell. We will appeal this decision. ”

According to the court, Amazon’s responsibility stems from the fact that the company organized a “supply chain”, among other things, storing products in its warehouses, accepting payment, fulfilling orders and receiving “a substantial commission for each purchase.”

Source: CNBC

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