As part of its vision of Make Art Not Tech, Angry Miao has introduced an “organic shape” wireless ergonomic split keyboard. The keyboard is called AM HATSU and costs $ 1,600.

AM HATSU Wireless
AM HATSU Wireless

According to developer AM HATSU, it was inspired by the title animation from the Westworld TV series. That being said, AM HATSU’s futuristic design serves a practical purpose – it is said to significantly reduce stress on all parts of the arm.

For example, dividing into two parts supposedly reduces stress on the shoulders, the curved metal surface prevents unnatural bending in the wrists, and the unconventional 4 x 6 key layout reduces fatigue from repetitive finger movements. Recognizing that the difference in layout requires “a little training” for long-term keyboard users, Angry Miao reassures that it’s worth it when you consider the health benefits of the new layout.

The AM HATSU keyboard is still under development and will only be ready in six months. The first batch is planned to be limited to 100 units. Notably, the keyboard will be offered in the form of a digital asset known as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the OpenSea platform. After making a deposit for the corresponding NFT and paying the remaining balance, the buyer will be able to obtain a physical copy of the AM HATSU through the Angry Miao official website. You can resell the right to receive a keyboard in the form of NFT.

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