Colorado-based startup Zaiser Motors has unveiled the Electrocycle electric motorcycle. A huge cruiser with a very small rear wheel embodied some interesting solutions.

The main thing is the range. It was from this thought that the founders of Zaiser Motors, Anthony Cross and Chris Shipman, started. They tried to find an electric bike for themselves, but their choice was disappointing: meager, and the range is only a pity.

In the end, it was decided to make their own motorcycle. The Zaiser Electrocycle has a mileage of 300 miles on a single charge, or 482 km. It is not specified by what cycle the counting took place.

Despite the fact that the development of the motorcycle took two years, no other motorcycle has such characteristics yet. Typically these are bikes with 250 miles (400 km) range and only one drive wheel.

Yes, the second interesting solution is all-wheel drive. This is realized thanks to specially designed motor-wheels. It was thanks to this solution that it was possible to give more space for the battery, because the motors are in the wheels!

The battery is removable. The user may not wait for a full charge, but simply replace it with a charged battery. At the start, the motorcycle will be supplied with a 17.5 kWh battery. And with replacement in the future, you can install a battery with a larger capacity, and the existing battery Zaiser Motors undertakes to properly dispose of.

Little is known about any exact parameters of the motorcycle. For example, from zero to 60 mph (that’s 96.6 km / h), it accelerates in 3.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 120 m / h (about 193 km / h). That’s all the parameters.

But what I don’t want to praise Zaiser Motors for is the design. Although the matter is subjective, of course.

A large, bulky two-seater motorcycle with a very small rear wheel. It is far from proportionality:

The motorcycle is expected to be released late this year or early next year. The price is about 25 thousand dollars. Production will be almost piecemeal: no more than 2,200 motorcycles per year.

Portal author Electrek Mika Tall, who wrote about this motorcycle, expresses doubt that the stated specifications have anything to do with reality. Like, 300 miles sounds cool, but there will be such a mileage only at some minimum permissible speed.

Most likely, the story is similar to electric cars: even the real cycle of the WLTP run is far from reality.

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