Revealed on April 20, the AirTag turned out to be a pretty solid Apple product. This became clear after the author’s CNET Lexie Sowides testing. Within its framework, Lexi washed, froze, and nobly left the mark.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

First of all, the author wanted to check the moisture protection of the AirTag. According to the official specification, the tag is IP67 certified, meaning it can withstand shallow immersion in water for half an hour. But Lexi threw the tag into her trousers and started the wash. After 54 minutes, the wash ends.

AirTag. Photo: Lexi Sowides / CNET

The AirTag fell out of his pocket and ended up in the drum of the typewriter. This scratched the white plastic surface of the tag, but nothing else happened to the AirTag.

Interestingly, even at the loudest moments of washing, it was possible to hear the signal emitted by the tag without any problems.

After washing, the AirTag was placed in a freezer at -19 ° C. The tag also made sounds until the water began to solidify.

AirTag. Photo: Lexi Sowides / CNET

The mark was in the freezer for 18 hours. Then the AirTag was taken out, thawed and dried. Due to a complex scenario, the tag had to be opened and the battery compartment dried. After these processes AirTag restored all its functions.

These executions of Lexi did not seem enough. She put the tag in the Spiegel keychain, hung it on the keys and started throwing it on the rather rough asphalt.

AirTag. Photo: Lexi Sowides / CNET

The height of ten attempts was different. Of the consequences, only a few scratches on the tag itself, but the functionality remains the same. Surprisingly great survivability.

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