The third generation AirPods will be out before the end of the year, and the AirPods Pro 2 next year. Reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg with reference to sources in the company.

AirPods 3, as described by Mr. Gourmet, are similar to slightly modified AirPods. They will have a small leg and a wide case. That is, he described the previously leaked headphones:

In this text, by the way, I assumed how much the headphones will cost.

According to Min-Chi Kuo, headphone production will start in the third quarter. That is, they can be shown in the fall, although it is possible that they will be presented in Apple Newsroom in December – a year after the AirPods Max was shown:

The second generation AirPods Pro will receive motion sensors that will track the wearer’s fitness. And, probably, the leg will disappear from them, which will make the headphones look like Samsung Galaxy Buds or future Beats. AirPods Pro of the second generation will be presented next year. There is no more information about the headphones.

The Gourmet said nothing about the cheaper version of AirPods Max. Earlier it was reported that the headphones will not be made of such expensive materials, and will also be comfortable for sports. But now there is silence.

According to Mr. Gourmet, Apple is not even thinking about the second generation AirPods Max yet, but is thinking about releasing new headphone colors. The company is also working on a new version of the HomePod, which will receive a screen. But the release date of this device is still unknown.

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