Acer introduced budget wireless headphones with an unusual “chip”

The Taiwanese company Acer has officially introduced a new budget fully wireless headphones – Acer GAHR011 and GAHR010. The new products use 8 mm speakers and Bluetooth 5.1 wireless modules. The manufacturer promises 4 hours of continuous battery life and up to 24 hours with periodic recharging in a complete case.

With support for high-speed charging, it will take 1.5 hours to recharge up to 100%. The most interesting thing about the new headphones is just during the charging process – their complete cases have a removable bottom part that acts as a docking station. And in this very part, there are built-in cables for recharging: USB Type-C for the GAHR010 and USB Type-C and USB Type-A for GAHR011. So the latter can be recharged from both a smartphone and a computer.

At least, new items will be sold only in India, where they are estimated, in terms of the domestic currency, at about 2,500 rubles. And today, Honor launched a flagship TV at a reasonable price.

Source: Acer

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