According to TrendForce forecasts, in the next quarter corporate SSD will rise in price by 10-15%, client – by 3-8%

According to the latest research by TrendForce, corporate SSD purchases are growing amid growing server shipments. In particular, the share of 8TB SSDs in datacenter shipments saw the most notable growth, which is expected to continue in the next quarter. However, some SSD components and parts may be in short supply due to lack of semiconductor manufacturing capacity, which will drive up prices. TrendForce has revised its third quarter contract price forecast for enterprise SSDs, increasing it from 5-10% to 10-15%.

Samsung is in a better position than other vendors because it uses more in-house components in its drives. This means that in the face of a shortage of certain components, the South Korean giant is likely to be able to further increase its share of the corporate solid-state drive market.

When it comes to client PC SSDs, the current demand for laptops remains high while controller chips are in short supply. Therefore, TrendForce predicts an increase in contract prices for client SSDs in the third quarter. However, it will be less than in the corporate segment and amount to 3-8%.

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