The cloudy nature of 5G networks will have a big impact on the cybersecurity industry in the next few years. According to experts from the analytical company ABI Research, they open up opportunities for the corporate market for 5G network security, which will reach $ 9 billion by 2025.

The emergence of cloud infrastructures and virtualization of network functions, API-based platforms and the ability to isolate with containers and segment the 5G network, analysts say, present significant opportunities for IT cybersecurity offerings that will find application in 5G. Both security software and services will be in demand by enterprises looking to use robust mMTC (Massive Machine-to-Machine Communication) and URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Machine-to-Machine Communication) applications.

ABI Research analysts associate the introduction of 5G networks with

Today, network security solutions are still easier to implement at the service provider level, which continues to use equipment to improve performance and scalability, and especially in hybrid 4G / 5G networks. Over time, as offline 5G becomes mainstream, there will be an increase in the offer of security software and services for enterprises. ABI Research believes that this will happen after 2023. Regardless of the timeline, however, as 5G rolls out, new entrants will have the opportunity to penetrate the network security market.

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