The WhatsApp instant messaging application team has begun testing another innovation that is not yet available to users.

A useful innovation in WhatsApp for iPhone.  You can easily listen to the message before sending

The thematic resource WABetaInfo told about this. This is a new Review feature for voice lovers found in the iOS version of WhatsApp. It allows the author to quickly and easily listen to the voice message after recording, before finally sending it.

According to the source, it is currently possible to listen to messages on WhatsApp before sending, but it is a little tricky. The new method is much simpler and does not require switching to another section of the application.

As noted by WABetaInfo, the discovered feature is not yet available to the general public and even to beta testers. It is expected to become active in beta for iOS after a while, and then it can be launched in stable WhatsApp clients for both iOS and Android.

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