Today is the last day of CES 2021, which this year took place online, which means it’s time to take stock and choose the best. Let’s talk about chargers; they were presented in a huge number.

Dual charge Satechi

The Satechi charging station is practically a copy of Belkin. iPhone 12 also attaches to it with magnets. However, the Satechi has regular Qi charging, which means the iPhone will charge at a maximum power of 7.5W, not 15W like via MagSafe. Although many charge smartphones at night, so the difference in speed is not critical for them, so save $ 40 (Satechi costs 60 dollars, Belkin – 100 dollars) it will be pleasant.

Anker novelties

The company showed several accessories at once: a MagSafe pancake analog, a charging station for three devices, a station with a removable external battery, and batteries with a magnetic fastening system.

Like the Satechi solution, the MagSafe charging analog is not certified by Apple, which means it is capable of delivering a maximum of 7.5 watts. Moreover, there are two versions of charging: with and without magnets. Of course, no one forbids using the version with magnets, not only with the iPhone 12 line, but the manufacturer decided to give a choice. Satechi wireless chargers also cost differently: $ 30 for the version with magnets and $ 21 for the regular one.

Anker charging stations are already more interesting. The version for charging three devices received a pad for watches, Qi-charging for headphones, or some other device that supports the protocol, as well as a stand for iPhone 12 with magnets. This decision was estimated at $ 160.

The second Anker charging station is interesting, with a detachable 10,000 mAh portable battery used as a stand. It costs a little more – $ 200. The watch dock is also removable, and it can charge the watch from any third-party adapter.

Last but not least, Anker portable batteries with magnets for the iPhone 12 line. Like many dreamed of, MagSafe gets the most out of it: no more battery cases with such a compact option. The maximum battery capacity is 10,000 mAh, and the price ranges from $ 38 to $ 58. The batteries will go on sale in February this year.

Eggtronic portable battery for all Apple devices

The battery houses three Qi coils and a watch dock. You can charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at the same time, or hide the watch dock and charge two smartphones. The built-in battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which is enough for an emergency recharge.

There is a USB Type-C connector on one of the edges, which gives out a maximum of 53W, which is enough to charge a MacBook. The Eggtronic battery is certified according to all possible standards and is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website for 150 dollars… Great hiking option!

Scosche MagicMount holder

This is not a charger but a mount for the original MagSafe in a car or any other surface. iPhone 12 locks onto the charger firmly enough, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your smartphone while driving.

The MagicMount will be available in several options, priced between $ 30 and $ 40.

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