The AMD 4700S processor, which turned out to be the heart of the PlayStation 5 with the GPU disabled, began to appear in ready-made PCs.

Indian company PrimeABGB has unveiled a mini PC based on AMD 4700S. They ask for about $ 600 for a computer, but it won’t amaze anyone with its characteristics.

A PC based on the heart of the PlayStation 5 proved to be more expensive than a console with less performance.  PrimeABGB showed its version of such a computer

Added to the mentioned CPU is a very low-performance GeForce GT 710 graphics card, a 120 GB SSD and a 450 W power supply. The board itself with a processor, we recall, has 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM. By the way, in this case it is interesting to compare directly with the PlayStation 5. The console comes out cheaper with a much larger and faster SSD and a much more efficient GPU.

According to AMD itself, many similar ready-made PCs based on AMD 4700S will be on the market in the near future.

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